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Location | 4135 W. 127th St. | Alsip, IL | directions »

Hours | Open every day — 8:00am to 5:00pm

Phone | 708.388.3377

Caretakers | Mr. & Mrs. Mark Kobliska

In the first few years of First Lutheran's history a piece of land was bought for use as a cemetery. It was located a mile or so east of Blue Island on Vermont Street. People in the neighborhood objected to the cemetery there, so it was sold and forty acres were secured on 127th street (Burr Oak Ave.) about two miles west of Blue Island. Thirty acres were sold and ten retained which comprised our cemetery until 1941 when an additional four acres were purchased adjoining on the east. It is located on camparatively high ground and is an excellent cemetery site.

In 1904 an entrance gate was erected. In 1905 the first hard street surface was laid, and in 1913 a water tank and water lines were installed.

Starting in 1908 lot owners were required to pay $2.00 per year so that a caretaker could restore some semblance of order. Later it was possible for lot owners to pay enough additional for their lots so that the interest of the added investment would pay the annual charge for moving and cleaning without further payment. Lots or graves not under perpetual care are required to pay the annual fare for cleaning.

Until 1944 the cemetery had been a plain property of the congregation and its Board of three members were a part of the Church Council. In that year, in order to satisfy certain legal requirements of the Sate of Illinois for cemeteries administering perpetual care contracts, our burial ground was changed into a Cemetery Trust. It is administered by a Board of six members, elected by the congregation, but this Board is not part of the Church Council nor subject to their order. The Cemetery Board is responsible directly to the congregation, and its business is trnsacted at congregational meetings.

In 1952, to make room for the new church, the parsonage to the east of the old church was purchased by the Cemetery Trust and moved to the northeast corner of the cemetery grounds to be the residence of our full time caretaker and superintendent.

Our cemetery is used very largely by members of our congregation but not exclusively so. Members of other Lutheran churches and a few non-Lutherans are buried there. Quite a number of Lutheran pastors from neighboring congregations as well as from our congregation are buried there.

First Lutheran Cemetery is well kept, and a credit to First Lutheran Church.