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Mission Statement

The mission of First Evangelical Lutheran Church is to glorify God by cheerfully engaging in service to the spiritual and physical needs of our members and the community.

———— WORSHIP ————
We belive God is present in our everyday lives. We hold regular, weekly worship services where the Word of God is taught, Holy Communion is celebrated, and the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are worshipped. 

We worship God in our services through song (from our entire congregation or our choir), the reading of the Word, and our fellowship with one another. Above all, we worship God daily through our lives of service. 

———— LEARNING ————
We grow in our faith during our weekly worship service and through our Bible Studies. We affirm personal Bible study as well.  

———— WITNESS ————
We proclaim the risen Christ to our communities. We continue to pray for each other and our community, seeking to live in the forgiveness God offers. 

———— SERVICE ————

We commit to serve God by following Jesus Christ's example. We serve each other and our community through prayer, community events, and a compassionate presence. 

We commit to partnering with the Christian Church at large in Blue Island and its surrounding communities. 


As members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, our services follow the traditional service setting, known as the "liturgy". Each week is a little different in terms of order and theme, but our services follow the same outline: 

Gathering: We are reminded that we are in the building to honor God. We set aside our differences to come be God's Body on earth. 

Word: We hear God speak to us in the hymns we sing, the Bible readings of that day, the sermon, and through our conversations with one another. 

Meal: Having gathered and been reminded of God's love for us, we share nourishment for our journey. Often this is Holy Communion, but other times it is through the passing of peace with one another. 

Send: After we have been refreshed and reminded of our purpose, we are sent out to proclaim the good news into our communities. Hallelujah!